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Do you want to inspire creativity, health, and joy?

Do you have children in your life who need healthy outlets, struggle to focus, feel anxious, or seem socially disconnected?   You are not alone.

Children now often lack motivation and opportunities for imaginative play.  With school budget cuts in arts and physical education, it is often up to families to supply creative opportunities.  

Here's where we come in!  We want to support you.

"Rockin' your roll alone is fine, but TOGETHER it's masterpiece time."  

What folks are saying . . .

Anne Green Gilbert - author of "Brain-Compatible Dance Education"

Anne Green Gilbert developer of BrainDance

"Sarahndipity’s delightful rhymes and Amanda’s lively illustrations will entrance readers of all ages. This engaging alphabet book will have the whole family moving and grooving, wiggling and giggling. Guaranteed to promote social-emotional intelligence, body awareness, and creativity." 

Lisa Wimberger - author and founder of The Neurosculpting Institute ®

Lisa Wimberger author and founder of The Neurosculpting Institute review of Animals Get Funky!

“As a mother I couldn't imagine a more important or applicable life skill then creative expression. This book gives parents a guide to helping their children find fun, creative, and musical ways to express themselves. I wish I had this for my daughter when she was little!"  

- Anam Cara Cat - author of "Birdseed: A Guide to Teaching Emotional Intelligence in the Primary and Secondary Classroom"

Anam Cara Cat author review

 “An artistic alchemy of education and entertainment. Sarahndipity strategically merges movement, mindfulness, and music, guiding children to create their own sacred stage for growth and joy.” 

Children's Books


You've found the home of the funky, fresh book series, Animals Get Funky!, written by Sarahndipity Johnsen.

Learn more about this beloved children's book series and grab your copies today.

Creative Curriculum

Tools for Emotional Well-Being Chart from Animals Get Emotional

Author Sarahndipity Johnsen M.Ed. has spent decades cultivating curriculum; studying and performing dance and theatre; entertaining and educating thousands of beautiful people; and honing her heart to a place of service. Now, she'd love to help you facilitate even more excellence in your home or classroom.  Please join us.


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Events and Programs


Author Sarahndipity Johnsen hosts unique author events inspiring kids of all ages to express their uniqueness.

These aren't your average book readings.  Be prepared to move, groove, wiggle, and giggle to a whimsical multi-genre album.   

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YouTube TV


Learn to release Fear with Viper Veer, or feel the rhythm of your body drumbeat with the Hip-Hop Hippopotamus.  Shine your light as the Unique Unicorn, and jiggle and giggle with the Wallaby Wiggle.   

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About Us


Learn more about all of the hearts that have come together to craft magic for our youth.

We've worked with amazing artists, musicians, and creative thinkers.  We are all in this together, and we feel blessed to have such a great team!


Do you want to support health & well-being?

Animals Get Emotional: Helping Families Deal with BIG Feelings is now available!