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Sarahndipity Johnsen, M.Ed. Author of the Animals Get Funky series including Animals Get Emotional

Sarahndipity Johnsen - author, creator, funky dancer

As an award-winning educator, international entertainer, and author, Sarahndipity delights in crafting programs designed to inspire and enthuse. While obtaining her M.Ed., a fire lit within her inspiring books, albums, videos, curriculum, and playful live events. Whether she’s spinning fire as a Pirate in the Caribbean or dancing with Beats Antique, Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, Joe Cocker, or funky kids, Sarahndipity loves to weave tales of delight. She and her husband also share their passion for music and dance through the airwaves of KAFM.  


Amanda Dumont - illustrator

Amanda lovingly illustrated Animals Get Emotional and Color Your Emotions: Dealing with Big Feelings.  Amanda  was born, raised, and currently resides in beautiul Grand Junctin, Colorado. A passion for art was sparked within her at an early age. By 15, Amanda started creatig art on a more serious level which lead her to join the Art Department at Mesa State College. Her favorite mediums are watercolor, polymer clay, ink, colored pencil, and pencil. In her spare tie she loves spending tie with her friends, family, and pets. 


Anne Green Gilbert - contributor

Anne Green Gilbert graciously allowed us to use her Dance Concepts as a basis for crafting, From A-Z: Animals Get Funky! and Get Coloring Funky Animals!   Anne is the author of Teaching the Three Rs Through Movement (1977), Creative Dance for All Ages (1st edition 1992, 2nd edition 2015), Brain-Compatible Dance Education (2006), Teaching Creative Dance DVD (2002) and BrainDance DVD (2003/2016), as well as numerous articles. Anne has also collaborated with composer Eric Chappelle on the CDs, BrainDance Music and Music for Creative Dance Volumes I-V. Anne is an active member of the National Dance Education Organization, and Dance and the Child International (daCi). Anne served on the daCi board for twelve years. Anne is founder and Past President of the Dance Educators Association of Washington, an organization promoting quality dance education in all Washington State schools K-12. As a member of the Arts Education Standards project, she helped write the Washington State Dance Standards and Learning Goals. Anne is the recipient of several awards including the NDA Scholar/Artist award in 2005, the National Dance Education Organization Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, the Lawrence Tenney Stevens American Dance Award for her work with boys and men in dance in 2014, and the American Dance Festival Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching in 2016. 


Heidi Marie - design

Heidi Marie seamlessly designed the pages for all of the Animals Get Funky! projects.  We're so grateful to have this talented woman on our team.  


Mary Green - editor

Mary lovingly adds her heartfelt touches by editing our publications. 


Amanda Maitri - Illustrator

Amanda crafted the vivid acrylic illustrations for From A-Z: Animals Get Funky! 


Melissa Athens - PR & Marketing

Melissa's vision and grace have helped shape our projects.

Sarahndipity and Friends

Animals Get Funky! Musicians

We teamed up with musicians and entertainers from around the world to co-create a rockin' soundtrack for Animals Get Funky! © 2018
Stream us on your favorite site today, or grab the full album so you can really rock 'n roll. Guest musicians and engineers include:

  • John Anglim
  • Robert Chillino
  • Susan Cypher
  • Gilly Gonzalez
  • Zac Grant
  • Katie Gray
  • Tyler Hawkins
  • Beth Dove
  • David Hinojosa
  • Yuvana Joshi
  • Talia Keys
  • Chaz Roi
  • Kendra Kreie
  • Kevin McLeod
  • Alicia Marsicovetere
  • Robintix Perryman
  • Taylor Riley
  • Aaron Seibert
  • Jessica Seibert
  • Taelour Wagler
  • Chloe Brooke Watkins
  • Chloe, James, & Kiya Williams

We are so grateful for their loving hearts to offer such great love and inspiration to our youth!



Katie Gray from Sea Stars and The Burned

Did you know Katie Gray, one of the musicians from Animals Get Funky, just sang on The Today Show?   She and Kurt Baumann, from The Burned, have been such huge supporters of the projects from day one.    It was so great to hear them sing "Time" on public television.  Life is good like that!  You can hear Katie add her loving vocals to the Electro-Trance Elephant Dance.

With singing and songwriting, Katie is able to fuse together her love of nature, artistic expression, meditation, story telling and stage performance.

Through the years, she has received various recognition for her music. Her song "Set Free" was featured on the FOX television show 'Bones' and numerous songs she has written and recorded with her band "Sea Stars" (which is a duet with her beloved, Kurt Baumann) have been featured on various major television shows.

Katie has collaborated and/or shared the stage with artists such as: Band of Horses, Ani Difranco, The Polish Ambassador, The Burned, Elephant Revival, Ooah, Emancipator, Random Rab, Vicci Martinez, Kan' Nal and more. 

Talia Keys (from Talia Keys and the Love) wrote an original composition for Animals  Get Funky.

Talia Keys from Talia Keys and the Love

Wait until you hear the layers of Talia Keys original composition of the Rockin' Raccoon!  She was so incredible to watch in the studio.  She was able to seamlessly craft every layer of this truly rocking song.


Tal·i·a Keys (n)

a genre crossing multi-instrumental musical force of performing art, bringing you her brand of soul-funk-rock n' roll.     

Talia is currently focused on two main projects, Talia Keys & The Love, a heavy hitting five member band and Gemini Mind, a full electric solo live looping show that creates a big sound. In addition to performing, she writes, produces and records her original material, releasing four albums so far. 


Advocating for human rights, Talia uses her music to convey a message of growth, awareness and love. Promoting compassion and respect for our Earth and one another. "Music is very healing.  If I can inspire just one person a show, I feel I am doing something right!" - Talia 


Chaz Roi - singer/songwriter

Chaz Roi's voice is featured on Baboon Booty Bounce, Giraffe Get Down, and the fabulous layers of the Hip-Hop Hippopotamus.  Thanks Chaz!  We had so much fun in the studio.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX., singer/songwriter/performer Chaz Roi grew up listening to the Greats of Soul, Gospel, R&B, and Hip Hop that rang out in his house. Inspiring artist like The Roots, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Patti Labelle, Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC, Mahalia Jackson and Luther Vandross gave Chaz Roi his introduction and musical foundation.   

The Williams Brother's Band Family (James, Chloe, and Kiya Williams)

Chloe Williams, Kiya Williams, and James Williams.  Wonderful family of musicians.

James Williams has been a long time supporter of Serendipitous Entertainment, so he was an obvious fit for the voice of the Monkey Mind.  We were so thrilled to add some younger voices to the mix when his daughters joined us.  Kiya Williams does an incredible job at Iguana Improvisation.  Chloe Williams brings such life and fun to the Quickstep Quail.  It was impressive to watch this power family in action during their studio time!

Zac Grant from Zolopht

Zac Grant from Zolopht adds his soothing reggae vocals to the Offbeat Octopus.

Zac added soulful sounds to the Offbeat Octopus.  He used his years of reggae music love and really made you want to hit the down beat.  It's so fun to see kids get down to the Offbeat Octopus.  You can support Zac by checking out one of his solo shows or dancing the night away to the fluid sounds of Zolopht.  

Chloe Brooke Watkins from Intuit


Chloe was kind enough to write an original composition for the Unique Unicorn.  She also voiced and crafted the harmony for the Chimpanzee Conga.  

Chloe's kindness streams graciously out of her heart.  Listening to her play her instruments and sing the songs of the earth is so satisfying to the depths of one's soul.  Check out Chloe's children's album too.  


Jack + Jill aka Jessica and Aaron Seibert

Jessica and Aaron,  power-couple extraordinaire, helped tie the whole album together by adding their voices to the Zoned-In Zebra!  We've teamed up with this vibrant couple as fire-dancing support for festivals and now we've made magic again.


Not many fiery and eclectic indie alternative rock duos whose mission is to “rock your face off” and inspire “head banging and magical booty shaking” boast Carnegie Hall on their collective resume-- but then again, few have as colorful an origin story as Aaron Seibert (guitars and vocals) and Jessica Seibert (violins and vocals), the eight year married couple at the core of JACK+JILL. Blending dark, grungy male and rich female vocals with chunky guitars and semi-sweet electric violin, the band some describe as “the love child of Dave Matthews and Alice in Chains” is currently releasing their fourth and most explosive project to date, the 12 track album COLORADiO.   


John Anglim from Flat Top Reed

John Anglim lends his  deep, bluesy voice to Viper Veer.  He lovingly crafted the  composition for us as well.   He is a true friend and patron of Animals Get Funky!  Look for him as the Blues Bear in an upcoming album and book, Animals Get Musical!  John is also an author of beautiful art books.

John Anglim has been an artist, philanthropist, and musician for most of his life. With the many musical influences, his band, Flat Top Reed, produces a unique, raw sound that can be hypnotic and/or dance worthy.   

Beth Dove and Chloe Watkins from Las Curanderas at Atlas Studios in Denver, CO

Beth Dove from Las Curanderas

Thanks to Beth Dove who joined Chloe Brooke from Las Curanderas to add some playful fun to the Chimpanzee Conga.  We love your monkey business Beth!

Nepalese exchange student, Yuvana Joshi, adding her vocal skills to Flamingo Focus

Yuvana Joshi

The Nepali beauty, Yuvana Joshi, shines her light as the voice of Flamingo Focus.   


Robintix Perryman from No Outlet


Robert Chillino from Found & the Hound Duo


Susan Cypher fromThe Nightbirds


Taelour Wagler from Morph Roots


Tyler Hawkins from Wolfson and The Company

Gilly Gonzalez from Lunar Fire and production at Atlas Studios


Gilly Gonzalez is truly an angel!

Taylor Riley from Fusion Audio Solutions

Taylor Riley from Fusion Audio Solutions.  Mix/master on Animals Get Funky album

Mix/Master Master!

David Hinojosa from Atlas Studios


We're so pleased with the heart that David and Gilly  offered during a few studio sessions with Denver artists.  Having a loving and trusted space is important for crafting magic! Thanks David.  

Kevin MacLeod - composer


Kendra Kreie from Hamhock


Alicia Marsicovetere - songwriter


Animation Team from Colorado Mesa University

Brittany Cassidy - coloring book artist, digital game developer


Rachel DeWeber- logo design and animation


Grant Tuttle - logo design and branding