Animals Get Funky! Series by Serendipitous Entertainment

Animals Get Emotional

Emotions and feelings book for children from the Animals Get Funky! Series.

Need help dealing with big feelings? 

This vibrant children's book is filled with tools that support emotional well-being. 

"Successfully working through emotions is the cornerstone of good mental health." - Ashley Soderlund, Ph.D. 

Dealing with Big Feelings?

Color Your Emotions: Dealing with Big Feelings

Emotions and feelings coloring book for children of all ages.  Dealing with Big Feelings.

What color are your emotions?

Some days it's easy to feel like an Optimistic Ostrich, while at other times you may feel like a Pessimistic Platypus. 

This is an Animals Get Funky Series companion book to Animals Get Emotional. 

Emotions Coloring Book

From A-Z: Animals Get Funky! + 26 Song CD Combo

Children's ABC dance book with funky, fun animals.  These movements are good exercise for children.

One Book, One School Award Winner. 

This lyrical ABC children's book teaches movement and dance concepts in a funky, fresh and playful way. 

From A-Z: Animals Get Funky! is a groovy dance book and BONUS album that playfully teaches dance movements, confidence, inclusion, creativity, unique expression, and helps shape emotional intelligence.

Dance book + CD

Get Coloring Funky Animals! From A-Z: Inspire Creativity and Dance Fluidity

Animal coloring book that teaches dance movement concepts for health and vitality.

 This inspirational coloring book playfully illustrates dance moves that support health, confidence, inclusion, and unique expression. 

Here's your chance to shine as a Unique Unicorn. We hope you enjoy coloring Kung Fu Kangaroo, Nighthawk Ninja, or Hip-Hop Hippopotamus from the whimsical book and album, Animals Get Funky! 

Movement Coloring Book

Animals Get Funky! Album

Children's Dance Album with popular artists appearing on the Today Show and the Voice.  26 songs!

Animals Get Funky! is a dance program that is fun for the mind, spirit, and body. Inspired by Anne Green Gilbert’s Dance Concepts, this program has been carefully crafted to highlight dance moves that support brain development, reduce stress, and inspire confident, healthy families.

Unlock the riddle and learn Wallaby Wiggle. Learn rhythm with Hip-Hop Hippopotamus, or get real low and do the Llama Limbo.

Download 26 songs Here

 The 26 DANCE CONCEPTS  in the  Animals Get Funky!  dance book and music program help children of all ages:

  • Feel more confident in creative play
  • Practice balance
  • Develop social skills
  • Experience less stress
  • Express uniqueness
  • Playfully exercise
  • Boost serotonin levels
  • Support brain cognition and cerebral cortex development
  • Hydrate and celebrate a healthy life

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