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Lisa Wimberger - founder of The Neurosculpting Institute®

Lisa Wimberger from The Neurosculpting Institute

“As a mother I couldn't imagine a more important or applicable life skill then creative expression. This book gives parents a guide to helping their children find fun, creative, and musical ways to express themselves. I wish I had this for my daughter when she was little!" 

Anne Green Gilbert - author of BrainDance


"Sarahndipity’s delightful rhymes and Amanda’s lively illustrations will entrance readers of all ages. This engaging alphabet book will have the whole family moving and grooving, wiggling and giggling. Guaranteed to promote social-emotional intelligence, body awareness, and creativity." 

Anam Cara Cat - author of Birdseed

Anam Cara Cat, author

“An artistic alchemy of education and entertainment. Sarahndipity strategically merges movement, mindfulness, and music, guiding children to create their own sacred stage for growth and joy.”  

Vibrant Wellness Interview on KAFM

Dr. April Goggins and Joseph Rolley speak with author Sarahndipity Johnsen about creating AGF

Dr. April Goggins and Joseph Rolley interview author Sarahndipity Johnsen about creating From A-Z: Animals Get Funky!

State of the Arts Podcast on KAFM


John Anglim and Lee Borden interview Sarahndipity about the "State of the Arts" in Colorado.

Local Legends Interview on Drive 105


The Ninja is a great forerunner in media & entertainment news.  Listen to this interview with Sarahndipity Johnsen about creating the Animals Get Funky! album.

Listen to the State of the Arts and Entertainment Podcast

Enjoy a KAFM interview on Animals Get Funky!

Press Kit & One Sheets

Media Kit for Animals Get Funky Series by Sarahndipity Johnsen (pdf)


Animals Get Funky Series Book 1 and Album One Sheet (pdf)


Get Coloring Funky Animals One Sheet (pdf)


Animals Get Emotional One Sheet (pdf)


Color Your Emotions One Sheet (pdf)


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Press Kit Sarahndipity Johnsen M.Ed. (pdf)


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Animals Get Funky Series Book Order Form (pdf)