Unique Unicorn - Chloe Brooke Watkins composition

Hip-Hop Hippopotamus f. Chaz Roi

"Can you feel the rhythm of your body drum beat?" - Hip-Hop Hippopotamus

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Offbeat Octopus f. Zac Grant

"As you hydrate, please celebrate.  Water's teammate, you'll feel so great." - Offbeat Octopus

Zoned-In Zebra f. Jack + Jill & Taelour Wagler

"Express the Attitude of Gratitude. It is the key to a positive mood."  - Zoned-In Zebra

Chimpanzee Conga f. Chloe Brooke Watkins

"With friends you can do it too.  Yep, let them show you how.  One, two, three, and kick now." - Chimpanzee Conga

Monkey Mind f. James Williams

"If your Monkey Mind weighs heavy thoughts that won't go away, lift them up and out and then start to sway." - Monkey Mind

Rockin' Raccoon by Talia Keys : Inside the Studio

"Rockin' your roll alone is fine, but TOGETHER it's masterpiece time."  -Rockin' Raccoon